css preprocessors (less / sass)

css preprocessors (less / sass)

I’ve been using LESS css preprocessor regularly ever since I stumbled upon it 11 months ago. CSS was never really a problem for me, in and of itself, but I was intrigued by the idea of using variables to create something along the lines of a color palette for my websites and themes. Having a color palette with a fixed number of options to choose from helps prevent me from going color crazy and deviating from a chosen style. I don’t have to change my designs colors millions LESS makes it easier for me and saves my time and clients time.

LESS and SASS (Sass makes CSS fun again) share a lot of similarities in syntax, including the following:

  • Mixins – Classes for classes.
  • Parametric mixins – Classes to which you can pass parameters, like functions.
  • Nested Rules – Classes within classes, which cut down on repetitive code.
  • Operations – Math within CSS.
  • Color functions – Edit your colors.
  • Namespaces – Groups of styles that can be called by references.
  • Scope – Make local changes to styles.
  • JavaScript evaluation – JavaScript expressions evaluated in CSS.

CSS preprocessor Courses available Online:



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