UXPin Review

UXPin Review

UXPin is a great prototyping tool if you want to create mobile or web apps with light weight interaction. It is a web based tool. In UXPin, you can create prototypes from existing mocks, Photoshop files, Sketch files or by building screens out within UXPin using extensive UI libraries.

It works with a library of UI elements that can be dragged and dropped onto a canvas to design an interface. Since each element exists as a separate object, multiple events and state changes can be applied and objects can be repeated across different canvases. UXPin also gives you facility to showcase your prototype remotely. With UXPin, you can create iteration which will give you facility of tracking your own work. You can also add your team members but that will cost extra, I found that feature quite use if I was working with several designer. UXPin have recently launched a new UI version which I am loving it.

Ideal for Web, Desktop, Mobile


  • Simple, Clean and User friendly interface
  • Collaborative features allow team members to work a project
  • Works with Photoshop and Sketch files via plugin
  • Easy drag and drop or uploading files
  • Lots of options for adding interactivity to individual elements, especially smart interaction option
  • Big UI Library for lots of new devices which makes process very fast
  • Can be accessed from any browser since it’s cloud-based
  • You can add full project documentation


  • Sometimes working in a browser can be pain
  • Adding interaction can be very tricky for new users
  • Plugin for Photoshop or Sketch is very hard to find on the website
  • Easy drag and drop or uploading files
  • No support for gesture-based interaction
  • Limited support available
  • Doesn’t support IE

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