What is UX?

User experience design is about helping users accomplish their goals as efficiently as possible.  It’s a straight forward concept that’s complex to achieve. User experience is journey that UX designer create for users to make their life easier and generate more leads for businesses. Good user experiences are:

  • Discoverable. Can the user easily figure out how to accomplish their task?
  • Efficient. Are the steps involved in accomplishing the task irreducibly complex? Are there any wasted clicks?
  • Economical. Is the cognitive burden placed upon the user as minimal as possible?
  • Tactile. Is immediate and responsive feedback provided for each interaction? Does it feel right?
  • Recoverable. Is the potential for errors minimized? Can users recover gracefully when errors do occur?

UX design is about making the user’s experience with the product the best it can be. We want to make sure we attract people to our site who are interested in this kind of product, and then, once they are here, make their journey from the home page to purchasing the product as easy and fun as possible.

While you might recognize the value of these rules of thumb, how can you as a designer achieve them in practice and how to explain to your team?

A UX designer wants their users to reach their goals, or allow users to get what they came for and in the easiest and most pleasurable way possible. First, that means knowing who the people are who want to use your product or who use similar products (which you can discover via user research) so their needs and expectations can be catered to. The most important part of ux is empathy for users which most of UX Designers tend to forget.

Next, the UX designer is concerned with making it as easy as possible for these people to reach their goal (all of which incorporates usability, information architecture, intuitive navigability, testing). Once this is achieved, the business goals of the site are also achieved – the customer buys the product or shares their email.

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